Exhibit Profile

Exhibit Profile

Meat Processing Technology :

  • Secondary Processing :
    Cutting, filleting, Deboning, Batching, Portioning

  • Further Processing:
    Preparation, Forming, pumping

    Spices and additives for meat and sausage production Natural and artificial casings; Brine injection; Grinding Coating, heating, frying; Cooling units

  • Meat Processing/Processing Equipment:
    Batch Weighing Equipment; By-Product Processing Equipment; Coating/Battering/Breading Equipment; Conveyors/Conveying Equipment; Cooking Equipment; Cutlery; Cutting or Sawing Machinery; Deboners/Deveiners; Drying Equipment; Filleters; Fish Meal/Fish Oil Processing Equipment; Fish Washers; Frying Equipment; Graders/Sorting Equipment; Knife Sharpeners; Metal Detection; Mixers; Parts/Equipment; Pin Bone Remover; Pine Bone Remover; Portioning Equipment; Refurbished/Used Equipment; Separation Equipment; Shapers/Temperers/Formers; Shellfish Processing Machinery; Skinners/Scalers; Slicers; Smoking Equipment; Surimi Processing Equipment; Weighing Equipment/Scales

  • Fresh produce processing & sales support service for farmers:Freshness management; IT solution

  • Quality Assurance:
    Air Treatment Equipment; Analysis Equipment; Cleaning/Disinfectant/Sterilization Products; Food Safety; HACCP, HACCP Systems; Inspections; Quality Assurance; Sanitation Products; Temperature Recorders/Monitors; Test Kit/Testing Equipment; Thermometers; Washing; X-Ray Equipment

  • Traceability Solutions:
    Bar Code Technology; Certification and Audit Programs/Services; Database Systems; Electronic Traceability Systems (Technology); Readers; Software; Traceability Tags

Cold Chain:refrigeration and air-conditioning technology:

  • Cold Storage Infrastructure Solutions:

Cold Rooms & Allied Equipment; Compressors & Condensing Units; Conveyors Belts; Cooling Towers; Customized Flooring; Data Loggers & Low Temperature Instruments; Dock Levellers; Fire & Security; Generators; Heat Exchangers; Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers Equipment; Refrigerator in Food Display; Portable Refrigerator

  • Refrigeration Equipment in the Laboratory:

Refrigerated Storage; Cryogenic Quick Freezers; Cold Storage Door; Cold Storage Shelves; Temperature Control Technology; Pallet & Racks/ Forklift; Insulation Materials; Cold Chain Monitoring Management System; Automatic Identification Equipment; Cold Chain Logistics and Procurement System; GPS & RFID Management Software; Fumigation equipment

  • GPS tracking systems:Mobile Generators:

Mobile refrigeration units; Reefer Containers & Vehicles; Trucks & Pick up Vans; Frozen box/ Warm-box; Cold Chain Consultants; Cold Storage Lease Companies; IT Support & GPS companies; Freezers/Chillers-Cryogenic/Fluid/Mechanical; Gas for Refrigeration/Freezing; Ice Machines; Thawing Equipment

  • Cold Chain:

Precooling; Refrigerators; Freezers
Storage and distribution activities: isotherm containers, icepacks, cold boxes, temp controlled trucks
Equipment & logistics; Batteries, monitoring devices, thermometers, indicators, sensors


  • Packaging/Labelling Equipment:
    Packaging Machinery; Film Bag; Modified Atmosphere Packaging; Packaging Supplies; Vacuum Packaging Equipment

    Absorbents; Label/Sealer; imprinting machines for labelling; Labelling equipment
    Auxiliary materials; Filling/buffering material; Other Packaging Materials

Logistic:Conveying, transportation and storage facilities

  • Logistics:

Palletizing: Order picking; Transportation; Logistics systems

  • Shipping & Handling:

Air Cargo; Cargo Containers; Cold Storage/Warehousing; Freight Forwarding; Land Cargo; Logistical Services; Ocean Cargo; Shipping; Storage; Transportation; Trucks/Truck Equipment