Post Show

Post Show Report

  • 216 exhibitors from 15 countries/region:

Taiwan, Denmark, Netherlands, German, France, UK, Slovak, Finland, USA, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, China

  • 17,466 visitors from 33 countries/region:

Taiwan, Vietnam, Hongkong, India, Thailand, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Japan, Philippine, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, France, German, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Paraguay, Portuguese, China, Aland Islands, Saint Lucia, Tanzania, Tuvalu

  • 54 1-on-1 matchmakings:

Buyers from Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia

  • 38 local association visitor groups and international VIP delegation groups
  • 45 professional conferences, forums, and seminars